Since two weeks I was not well, cold,cough and high temperature made me sick.Time for him to wear a chef cap and he did his best.Unfortunate,I was not able to feel his tasty food:( but my son enjoyed.

Now I feel better to eat bread. For a long time, running back of my mind to bake a bread atleast once.This month Coffee came with a lovely theme Making a Bread from scratch...Finally,she made my dream come true.

All over Germany Bretzel is a very famous staple breakfast especially for kids.Everytime I across the backery,I feel like how a dog feels for a piece of bone. I came to know daring backers group from Meeta's blog,then my confident level increased a bit.I just checked the founders blog ,what an amazing? Both of them baked a bretzel, blogged it and became daring bakers.

Then with energetic and enthusiastic thought I started making the preparation for a bretzel.Daring bakers are Lisa and Ivonne.

Receipes adopted from here and here

I used to give him a tiny ball of dough whenever knead a dough.he will spend time by making some shapes out of it and ask me to guess it. Atlast tiny dough turned to a tiny bretzel .

This is my entry for this month MBP theme in coffee's spice cafe.