Kadhi(spicy buttermilk Gravy)

Kadhi is a simple buttermilk reciepe with some seasoning.In maharastra,traditionally Kadhi is served for Khichdi. Fastest receipe too.I share this for Nupur's RCI.


  • Yoghurt- 1 cup/Buttermilk-2 cups
  • Mustardseeds
  • Greenchilies - 3
  • Curry leaves - 1 stick
  • Corriander leaves
  • Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
  • Chick pea flour/besan flour-1 tblspn
  • Ginger(crushed)-1/2tsp
  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
  • Asafoetida-1/4 tsp

  • Salt for taste
  • Sugar a pinch

  • Oil

Add gram flour to the buttermilk and mix it till lumps are removed.

Add salt and turmeric powder to the buttermilk.

Heat oil in a kadai add mustard to splutter then add cuminseeds,greenchillies,ginger ,curry leaves, Saute and add buttermilk to it.

Stir it,add water if needed.Keep stirring continuously to prevent the buttermilk spoiling.

Simmer the stove for 5 mins.

Finally garnish with corriander leaves.

Have it with hot khichdi.


You can even add Lasoon(garlic pods)it will give a nice aroma and different taste.

Khichdi(Mixture of rice and lentils)

Khichdi means mish mash or imply mixture.Its considered as India's comfort food.It is a light and nutritiuous food for babies to sick patients and also to aged people.This is my contribution for Nupur'sRCI -Maharastrian cuisine.My mom's place used to say moogacha khichdi,because she uses moong dhal,even we can add other lentils too.


  • Rice-1 cup

  • Green gram dhal(split)/Moong dhal-1/2 cup

  • Onion-1 big

  • Green chillies -3 or 4

  • Curry leaves

  • Black pepper

  • Turmeric powder-1/2tsp

  • Salt

  • Cumin seeds

  • Cashew nut

  • Ginger

  • Water-5 cups


Wash rice and dhal and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Mean while,heat a kadai with little oil,add cuminseeds, ginger,peppercorn,green chillies,curry leaves and cut onions.

Saute for a minute ,add turmeric powder ,water leave them to boil and rice and dhal to the mixture ,stir fry for a couple of minutes and add salt to taste.

Bring to boil till its mushy.Serve it hot with Kadhi(spiced yoghurt with chickpea flour)and with some papad or with loancha(pickle)

If you can have a cooker then do it directly on the cooker and turn off after 4 to 5 whistle.You can add more vegetables what you have in your pantry.

As typical maharastrian plate I served with Kadhi and dahi mirchi.


Metkoot is a spicy powdered made with some Indian spices.One of my mom's and husband's favourite.My mom gave metkoot when I came to Germany for her Son-in-Law.
In Germany,eventhough its a summer season,unusually climate changed for a week and its raining here..So I made maubhath(Rice cooked in a gulping stage) and served with metkoot and Kairicha Loncha(Mango pickle in marathi). He loved that food very much a simple but a tastier food.I like sharing this receipe to Nupur's RCI-Maharastrian cuisine.

  • Urid dhal-2 cups

  • channa dhal-1 cup

  • Raw rice-1 tblspn

  • Corriander seeds-1 tblspn

  • Dried ginger powder-1 tsp

  • Mustard seed-1/2tsp

  • Turmeric root-1

  • Cumin seeds-1tsp

  • Red chillies -2


Dry roastdhal and rice.Grind it other ingredients till it become fine powder.

Serve it with hot rice or it can be used as side dish or even sprinkle for some maharastrian dishes.

My mom says that best combination is "maubhath ani metkoot".This is for you amma.
Gobichi Bhaaji(Cabbage curry)

A simple curry made with cabbage and it goes well with rice or with chapathi.It can be made as dry curry or little bit watery as ras bhaaji in marathi.This is my participation for Nupur's RCI.


  • Cabbage-1/4 kg

  • Mustard seed

  • Greenchillies -2 or 3

  • Curry leaves -1 stick

  • Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp

  • Oil 1 tblsp

  • Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp

  • Asafoetida a pinch

  • Salt for taste

  • Sugar for taste

  • Tomato(optional)

Cut cabbage finely.Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds to splutter.

Then add cumin seeds, green chillies,curry leaves and tomatoes.

Mix it up and cover with a lid add water if needed. Simmer the stove for 5-6 mins . Add salt, sugar according to your taste.

Add redchilli powder if you need more spice.Serve it poli ,chapathy or even with rice.If you need as a dry curry sprinkle chick pea flour and stir for another couple of minutes.

Gobi can be made with potato also.

Podnicha Bhath(Seasoned Rice)

Podnicha Bhath is a receipe like 2 minutes maggi noodles.This is done with urlela bhath (leftover rice in marathi) in Maharastra called as Podnicha Bhath.If you have left over rice ..Go ahead doing this with other few ingredients.This is my contribution for Nupur'sRCI -Maharastrian cuisine.


  • Left over rice-1 cup

  • Oil

  • Mustard seeds

  • Onion-1 big

  • Green chillies -3 or 4

  • Curry leaves

  • Urid dhal/urid dhal

  • Turmeric powder-1/2tsp

  • Salt

  • Red chillies(optional)


Separate the rice with your fingers if necessary.

Heat a kadai with little oil,add mustard seed,urid dhal, chillies,curry leaves and cut onions.

Saute for a minute ,add turmeric powder and rice to the mixture ,stir fry for a couple of minutes and add salt to taste.

You can have as a variety rice plainly or with any side dish you like.

Even the same procedure with leftover poli(layered chapathi) is used to do as Podnicha Poli.

Kelicha Koshimbir(Ripe Banana Raitha)

Normally,fruits like Banana are eaten as it is or used for sweet to add flavour.This is a spicy sweet receipe made for a side dish for poli in my parents house.Ingredients

  • Ripe Banana-1

  • Oil

  • Mustard seed

  • Green chillies-2

  • Peanut Powder-1 tblpn

  • Tomato-1

  • Salt to taste


Cut bananas in desired shape or mash it with a fork or spoon in a bowl.Cut green chillies,tomato into small pieces.Add tomato ,peanut powder,salt to the banana. For tempering heat oil in a kadai add mustard seeds and greenchillies.Pour this temper to the banana mixture.

Serve this with poli or chapathi or as side dish for rice .This is my contribution for Nupur's RCI-Maharastrian cuisine.

Dudh Pohe(Milk Poha)

This is one of the sweet poha varities preferably given for kids and also as neivedyam(food offered for the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.I like to share this receipe for RCI -June month.

  • Riceflakes-1 cup

  • Milk -1/2 cup


Wash the rice flakes in the running water and keep aside for 10 minutes if flakes is hard.

Add milk and sugar after making the flakes separately using hands.

Dahi Pohe(Curd poha)

This is a savoury Poha with curd.This is also offered as prasad.This is my entry for june monthRCI

  • Riceflakes-1 cup

  • Oil

  • Mustard seeds

  • Curd/Plain yoghurt-1/2 cup

  • Green chillies

  • Salt

  • Cumin seeds


Wash the rice flakes in the running water and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Heat a kadai with little oil,add mustard seed,cumin seed and green chillies.

Add curd,salt and the tempering to the rice flakes and mix it.

Goad Pohe(Sweet Poha)
This poha is offered as Neivedhya mainly for the Hindu God Lord Krishna.In Krishna's temple for Gokulashtami(Birthday of God Krishna) or for Tulsi kalyan(Tulsi plant marriage)give as Prasad.RCI -June month.
  • Riceflakes-1 cup
  • Sugar
  • Coconut-1/2 cup
  • Elachi powder(cardamom powder)


Wash the rice flakes in the running water and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Mix all the other ingredients and can have immediately.

Podnicha pohe(Seasoned pohe)

This is one of the simple poha varities in my ajool(grandma's house in marathi).I like to share this receipe for RCI -June month.

  • Riceflakes-1 cup

  • Oil

  • Mustard seeds

  • Coconut scrapped-1/4cup

  • Green chillies

  • Curry leaves

  • Cumin seeds


Wash the rice flakes in the running water and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Heat a kadai with little oil,add mustard seed,cumin seed ,green chillies,curry leaves and scrapped coconut.

Saute for a minute and put all this mixture to the soaked rice flakes.Before that separate the poha with fingers.Then add salt and a little bit sugar.

Dhada Pohe - Masala Pohe

This also a simple savoury dish.Its my siblings favourite.Whenever We went back home for vaccation during our college days.We ask our mom to do this pohe.This I want to share for Nupur's RCI.

  • Rice flakes

  • Turmeric powder

  • Redchilli powder

  • Garam masala powder

  • Corriander powder

  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Coconut few scrapped


Sprinkle water on the poha.Mix all the other ingredients and kept for 5 minutes and have it.Garnish it with corriander leaves and with cut onions(optional)Easiest and fastest receipe with masala flavour.If you want temper it with Mustard seeds.

Methamba-Mango Pickle(sweet and sour)

June month is high time for King of fruits.Yes,I am talking about a tropical mouth watering fruit,Mango.Whether its a raw or ripe people have craze during summer.They are rich in Vitamin A .Some of the varities I have tasted and heard are Hapoos(Alphonsa), Payri, Malgis, Kesar, Rajapuri, Neelam, Totapuri,Langra etc...

I think all of these and I consumed every time the same variety mango what available whole year in Germany super markets:( Something is better than Nothing:) atleast I can make my Amma's lovely receipe Methamba whenever I feel like eating..

The name itself has the receipe's main ingredients Methi(fenugreek seeds in marathi) and Amba(Mango in marathi).Its a sweet,sour ,spicy and with little bitternees tastes.

Almost all tastes blends give a delicious receipe.So I decided to make methamba and I cut the mango.....Everyone knows its a tempting fruit, as I thought I cannot control my taste bud and had two are three slices.I sprinkled salt and kept in my kitchen as my mom said "Marinate for 10 minutes "I followed her instruction firstly.

After 10 minutes the bowl was empty:)

My son asked for a piece ..I said have one..and gave him and had two in my mouth.

Again he asked amma give two piece for my two hands.OK ..then I do the same as earlier.

He really tempted and asked it again.I said this is the last and gave him another two pieces ..of course myself had two.I got a call from my friend..When I hangup the phone .I saw two or three more left in the bowl.How can I do with those pieces.Finally we had those pieces also:)

Luckily this time I got two big mangoes.So I took the other and controlled my taste bud saying methamba will be too good than the marinated one.

Finally made it with the second one:)

This is my contribution for this month RCI hosted by Nupur in her lovely Onehotstove blog.


  • Raw mango -1 big
  • Methi/fenugreek seeds-1/2tsp
  • Jaggery -1/4 cup
  • Turmeric powder -1/4tsp
  • Red chilli powder -1 tsp
  • Musterd seed
  • Salt as per your taste
  • Oil

Cut mango into small pieces as cubed and marinate it for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a kadai,add mustard to sputter,then add methi,cut mango saute for a min.

Add turmeric powder and cook with little water till it is half done.

Then add redchilli powder,salt and jaggery,simmer the stove for 5 minutes till it blends.

Serve it with chapathy or as a side dish for any other food.

Even between raw and ripe mango are also can be used.If mango is sweet in nature less the jaggery amount and vice versa.It can be kept for one week if refrigerated.But it will be finished within a day or two.
Vazhaikai Vadai(Plantain Vada/Vadai)

As I know ,Plantain tree(Vazhai Maram in Tamil) itself is having medicinal properties.Every part of it from stem to fruit Banana we uses for cooking.
First one,Stem is used as curry or for sambar after removing the fibrous part.It is good for stomach troubles.Stem core juice is good for diabetics and very good for dissolving stones in kidney and urinary bladder.

Next,Leaves are used for serving food as plates,especially on special occasions.Really I love to have food in plantain leaves whenever I visit my native place.
The other nice thing is plantain flower or inflorescence is also used in cooking as curry.It is good for purification of urinary baldder and removal of urinary block.

Plantain tree yields a nice fruit Banana,its nice for good digestion,purification of blood and developing immunity is used to give even for babies from 4th month.

Before Banana comes Plantain/raw banana/Kachakela(marathi)/Vazhaikai(Tamil) a starchy vegetable.

A to Z Indian Vegetable is going on in Nupur's Onehotstove.This week's victory letter is V.Suddenly striked out known vegetables are Vendaikai(Okra in Tamil),Vengayam(Onion in Tamil),Vangi(Brinjal in Marathi),Vellarikkai(Cucumber)...But my contribution to her is Vazhaikai(its a tamil name for Plantain).

Back to my Receipe,using Vazhaikai used to do podimas,poriyal,kootu.But as I said in earlier post need my receipes too start with same letter.I chose Vadai.Popular Vadai Receipe is Medhu Vada,Thayir vadai/Dahi Vada,...I came up with a Vadai using Vazhaikai for the first time I tried and it came out well.
  • Vazhaikai/plantain/raw banana-2
  • Whole green gram-1/2 cup
  • Green chillies-5
  • Ginger- 1"inch piece
  • Corriander leaves -a little
  • Finely cut onion-1
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying


Soak whole green gram in water for an hour.

Peel it off the skin and cook the plantain.

Cut green chillies and ginger ,grind it with soaked gram adding salt as needed.

Mash the plantain and mix it up the ground mixture,onion and corriander leaves.

Heat a kadai with oil for frying ,pat the batter as you do it for masal vadai.

Fry it till brown and take it into a tissue paper for obsorbing excess oil.

Serve it hot plainly or with some chutney.

Kathri Bhaaji(Potato curry)

This is a simple and easy Curry made with potato. In my Parent's house it will be done during 'upvaas' fasting days omitting mustard seeds.This is my participation for Nupur's RCI.

  • Potato-4 medium sized
  • Mustard seed
  • Greenchillies -2 or 3
  • Curry leaves -1 stick
  • Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
  • Oil 1 tblsp
  • Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
  • Asafoetida a pinch
  • Salt for taste
  • Sugar for taste

Peel and cut the potatoes in small pieces preferably in triangle shape

Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds to splutter.

Then add cumin seeds, green chillies,curry leaves and potatoes.

Mix it up and cover with a lid. Simmer the stove for 5-6 mins . Add salt, sugar according to your taste.

Add redchilli powder if you need more spice.Serve it puri, poli ,chapathy or even with rice.

This is also a nice accompaniment for picnic or for long travel.
Vangyacha Bharit(Eggplant Raita)
Vangi as we call it in marathi for brinjal.In Maharastra,Vangi is famous in river side of Krishna.For the river water, Vangi is well grown unlike normal ,it will be big,fleshy and without seed.Its famous in my Ajoba's(grandpa's)native place Sangli and nearby city Miraj.I got that type of vangi in Germany in all supermarket as Auberginen but here its little bigger.

Back to receipe,I did Vangyacha bharit as my mom call it in marathi for eggplant raita.Some people call eggplant curry (Baingan Bharta) in marathi as Vangyacha Bharit.This time I made in a raita type, with small and long shaped brinjal.This is my contribution for RCI hosted by Nupur this month.


  • Eggplant-8/1 big eggplant

  • Onion-1 medium sized

  • Greenchillies - 3 or 4

  • Yoghurt-1 cup or as needed

  • Corriander leaves

  • Mustardseeds

  • Oil 1 tblsp

  • Asafoetida a pinch

  • Salt for taste

  • Sugar for taste

Rub oil on the brinjal and roast it on the direct flame flip it other sides too.

I kept into the bake oven for 20 minutes or till the skin loosens from inner flesh.Remove it.Don't forget to flip it over.

Peel off the outer skin and mash it only the inner flesh using spatula or using blender coarsely.

Cut chillies,onion and beat the yoghurt.

Mix the beaten yoghurt,chopped onion,green chillies,corriander leaves to the mashed eggplant.

Add Salt and sugar.

Temper mustard seeds,and asafoetida if you want.

I added redchilli and urid dhal to the seasoning.

It goes well with poli,chapathi or roti.

Shikran(Sweet banana milk)

This is very easily and quikly made sweet for kids especially in Maharastra for their staple dish Poli.Ingredients

  • Ripe Bananas
  • Milk -1 cup
  • Sugar for taste.

Cut bananas in desired shape round or cubed.Mix sugar with banana and smash it with spoon.Add milk to that mixture.Thats it !Shikran is ready.This is my contribution for Nupur's RCI-Maharastrian cuisine.

Kutachi Mirchi(Green chilli Chutney)

This is really hot! hot! hot! I mean its really a spicy chutney goes well with all.Its my baba's(daddy's)and Kakka's(uncle's)favourite one.My mom said its a best combination for Thalipeeth.Its very simple method and you can keep it for many days.I love to share this Kutachi Mirchi for RCI-june hosted by Nupur.
  • Green chillies-8
  • Mustardseed powder-1/2 tsp
  • Fenugreek seed powder/methi dhane powder1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder1/4 tsp
  • Lime juice for taste
  • Salt to taste.

Cut the green chillies, not too fine.

Add all powder,salt and lime juice.

Mix it up in a box, shake it with tight lid.

Have a spoon!!!
I served with Thalipeeth.

Memorable Kid meal

Nupur has remembered my childhood memories.My son is prefering sweet like me as I was.I will have poli only with sweet like hell.Its very bad, I know:( I realised later and now I will have with other side dishes too.

We used to go to my mama's house through train.It will take three days from southern tip of India to western India before 2 decades.I liked a marathi song start with "ZUK ZUK ZUK ZUK AGENA GHADI" as we go to my mama's house for summer vaccation.

Here is the song ZUK ZUK ZUK from BalaGeete in Musicindiaonline.Even now, I play all songs from Bala Geete.

Back to my hand,I did Shikran(a sweet from Banana) as from that song lyrics "Roz roz poli shikran".But this time not only Shikran,with other two dish Kathri bhaaji (Dry Potato curry), and with Vangyacha bharit(Eggplant Raita).I contribute this for Nupur's RCI.

Thalipeeth(Multi flour pancake)
This is really a nice and easiest filling receipe.A healthy food by combining all flours, having this as Tiffin in Maharastra.Its a another way of making Thalipeeth, grains are fried till golden brown and make it all flours and do the same procedure.Its known as Baajanicha Thalipeeth.Its aroma is fresh and nice.So what I did here is to have a nice aroma,took handfull of all flour, whatever I have in kitchen cupboard and mix it with spices and made it.This my parents favourite thalipeeth and kutachi mirchi.This is my contribution to RCI-Maharastrian cuisine hosted by Nupur at Onehotstove.
  • Ragi flour -1/2 cup
  • Wheat flour -1/2 cup
  • Corn flour -1/2 cup
  • Rice flour -1/2 cup
  • Gram /besan /chick pea flour -1/2 cup
  • Rava -1 tblspn
  • Salt
  • Green chilli -3 or 4 crushed
  • Ginger -one small piece crushed
  • Turmeric powder
  • Red chilli powder
  • Garam masala powder
  • Corriander powder
  • Lime juice -1 tsp
  • Chopped corriander
  • Finely cut onion
  • Oil

Mix it all and knead to a pliable dough.

Place a tawa and spread it round and flat using hand.

Or use a plastic sheet for it,then put it on the tawa upside down.

Slowly remove the plastic sheet and make a hole on it.

Drop little oil inside the hole and the thalipeeth.

Flip it over untill seeing brown colour.

Serve it with little butter and curd.Those who want more spice have with Kutachi mirchi.(Green chilli chutney).

Pavacha Uppit(Bread Upma)
Pav is a Marathi word for Bread.In Bombay pav bhaaji is so popular .Bread with butter ,or with some spread is common.Before going to receipe I like to share a few words about breads.In Germany staple food is bread and they are one of the biggest consumer in the world.It has a widest variety more than 300 varities.They mainly make with wheat flour and rye. I love to have my brunch in backery whenever I stepped out earlier.

From what I have tasted so far my favourites are in salty bread pepperoni stange (bread baked with chilli),Sonenblumenbrot(sunflower seed bread )and in sweet bread Berliner(bread topped with sugar and filled with jam). But its really hard on weekends too .I bought bread suits for toast or for sandwich.

I will always keep in mind of 'best before'in the product pack, whatever I bought from a shop.I think its necessary to notice this things because it matters! atleast on food packs.

We need atleast with some first class(quick and easy )spicy food.My bread is nearing the expiry days.I should finish it off ,before it is going to be a gone case and to the garbage. We can even consider this as Brunch at times.

Some people call it as pavacha sheera,podnicha pav, pavacha uppma .In my house they used to say it as uppit for uppma.
  • Bread slices-8
  • Big Onion -1
  • Mustardseed
  • Urid dhal
  • Greenchilies -2
  • Curry leaves 1 sticks
  • Tomato-1(optional)
  • Red chillies-1(optional)
  • Oil 1 tblsp
  • Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
  • Salt for taste

Cut the Bread slices into medium square pieces or even cut into big pieces and using mixer give one small(zrrrrrrrrrr) round.

Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seed to splutter.

Then add urid dhal ,chillies,curryleaves,onion and tomatoes.

Saute for a min ,add turmeric powder and the bread slices or mixture and mix it up and cover with a lid.

Simmer the stove for 2-3 mins. Add salt according to your taste.

Crispy hot bread upma is ready.

I serve this upma with a cup of masala chai.(Tee with one or more spices).My mother-in- law serves chai using atleast 2 or 3 spices for guest.Seeing her,I used to make chai atleast with crushed ginger and cardamom powder.

This is also my entry for WBB#12 hosted by Trupti's with a theme 'spice it up' in her The spice who loved me.

Kamang Kakdi(Cucumber Salad)

Kakdi is a marathi name for Cucumber. Some of the Vegetables can be eaten raw like cucumber.Just adding some spices to the raw vegetable gives nice tastes.One of the Simple and easy salad from Maharastrian cuisine is Kamang Kakdi for Nupur's RCI.Ingredients
  • Fresh Cucumber
  • 3-4 green chilies
  • one handful peanut
  • coriander leaves
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • salt,andsugar
For tempering
  • 2 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tsp asafoetida

Cut cucumber into small pieces ,rub salt and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Grind peanut and greenchilies together as powder (or grind peanut as powder,cut green chili finely).

Squeeze the cucumber and mix it with peanut powder,salt and sugar and lemon juice.mix well.

Heat oil in a pan,Add mustard seeds as they start spluttering, add asafoetida.

Pour this tempering on the prepared mixture.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.


Use ghee and cumin seeds instead of oil and mustard seeds.

Maharastrian Simple Summer Supper/meal

All we know that ,summer we can enjoy having mango as many as by making variety items.Maharastra is well known for Happus(Alphonsa) mango in Rathnagiri side.I remebered my Atthya(for aunt in marathi)brings ambapoli/amboli whenever she visited my/her's native place.I love that amboli:)In my house every summer we will have amras and poli.Without amras summer wouldn't be nice.Here is my another participation for Nupur's RCI-Maharastrian cuisine.

Left side is Zunka or as I called as gatta Pithla(dry pithla) its a best combination for bhakri.I never tried bhakri yet.So I like to have with Poli (a layered round chapathy)and the main sweet that I will have more and more is Amras.(A mango pulp with fresh grounded pepper or with ghee).

Zunka(Chick pea dry curry)
Its a maharastrian receipe,mainly using chick pea flour.Its my mom's favourite receipe.She likes even pithla(diluted version of zunka) goes well with rice.I will stay away from that.I like to have zunka only with poli,b'coz I don't know and I never made Bakri before.(Shame on me!).Let me try atleast once . I share Zunka with poli and amras for Nupur's RCI.


  • Chick pea flour/besan flour - 1 cup
  • Mustardseeds
  • Greenchilies - 2 0r 3
  • Curry leaves - 1 stick
  • Corriander leaves
  • Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Onion - 1
  • Tomato-1
  • Garlic pods-2 or 3
  • Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
  • Red chilli powder -1 tsp
  • Salt for taste
  • Oil -2 tblsp

Cut the Onion,garlic,chillies and tomatoes.

Mix the chick pea flour in water without forming any lumps.

Add turmeric, redchilli powder, and salt to that besan flour.

Heat oil in a kadai add mustard to splutter.

Then add cuminseeds, greenchillies,curry leaves, garlic ,onion and tomatoes one by one.

Saute for 2 minutes ,add the besan flour mixture.

Simmer the stove and stir it for 5 mins or untill the water evoporates.

Finally garnish with corriander leaves.Serve with poli,roti or with bhakri.


Add vegetables as you like.

Amras(Thick Mango pulp)
Amras is a pulp extracted from a tropical fruit mango in India mainly in Maharastra.Hapoos or Payri mango are the best pick for amras.During summer ,most craved dessert is amras served with poli(a flat and round soft layered bread made with wheat flour)or can have plainly.This is my contribution for Nupur'sRCI.Ingredients

  • Ripe mango

  • milk

  • sugar(according to your taste)

  • salt a pinch

  • Black pepper

  • Ghee

Clean and wipe the mango.

Roll mango with your hand for getting mango pulp easily.

Then pick it up the Black spot and make it reverse and squeeze it out the pulp.

Then with little milk or with water clean the mango seed and throw it off the seed.

Then blend the pulp with sugar and milk if needed using hand mixer.

Add pinch of salt mix it up to know the sweetness.

Then chill it and garnish with fresh grounded pepper or with ghee(clarified butter).

This is also my entry for Jennifer's SHF -june at the Domestic Goddess.

Maharastrian Mid-day Meal
This is typical Maharastrian mid-day meal for a feast.In every state, I think there is a way to serve food, not on all days ,atleast on occasions.In Maharastra,used to put a Rangoli(its a colourful design that uses white powder and colours), around the paan or plate.

Nupur's One hot stove banner itself shows Typical Maharastrian way of serving items in a paan(baniyan leaves).My Ayi's(mom)house is basically a joint family.Before marriage, I remembered they (kakku and my Ayi) used to cook.My Ayi says that "paat,paani,thaat,ani vaati gala".Me, sister and my cousins do that job arranging a wooden seat or a mat to sit,water ,plate,and bowl before the mat.

I invited one of my friends family for a mid-day meal feast.I like to share for Nupur's RCI-Maharatrian cuisine.

Here comes the served plate.
  1. Salt
  2. Nimbu-lime piece
  3. Chutney pood-dry chutney powder made with dry coconut and garlic.
  4. Kamang kakdi -Cucumber salad with peanut powder .
  5. Bhatatyachi bhaaji-Potato curry with onion as a side dish.
  6. Kothimbir vadi-corriander/cilantro and chickpea flour steamed with other spices as a side dish.
  7. Puri -Main dish
  8. Bhath-cooked rice as main dish
  9. Varan -Dhal with simla mirchi(capsicum/bell pepper)as a accompaniments for rice.
  10. Thoop-Ghee/clarified butter,on top of varan gives additional taste for dhal.
  11. Shrikhand-Yoghurt with rich flavours as a sweet having with puri or plainly.
Urulaikilangu Masal(Potato Masal)

This is a famous and popular receipe allover tamilnadu.This goes well with Puri.

  • Potato-4 medium sized
  • Onion- 1big
  • Tomato -1
  • Ginger-1 small piece
  • Mustardseeds
  • Greenchillies -2 or 3
  • Curry leaves -1 stick
  • Corriander leaves
  • Urid dhal-1/tsp
  • channa dal
  • Oil
  • Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
  • Asafoetida a pinch
  • Salt for taste>

Cook the potato and peel off the skin and mash it into big and small pieces.

Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds to splutter.

Then add urid dhal,channa dhal,green chillies, ginger, curry leaves .

Then add onion and saute for a minute ,add tomatoes, potatoes and turmeric.

Stir for 5 minutes or till all it blends.

Take some cooked potatoes and finely mash it and add to the masala.

Add salt according to your taste.

Finally garnish with corriander leaves and serve hot with Puries.

Urulaikilangu Utthappam(Utthappam with Potato curry)
Utthappam is a south Indian pancake made with rice and lentils. Usually, when we have leftover Idli or Dosa batter, it will be used for making Utthappam. Sometimes with some toppings on it.
Ingredients for Utthappam(plain)
  • Dosai batter 1/2 cup
  • Ginger-1 small piece
  • Greenchillies -2 or 3
  • Curry leaves -1 stick
  • Oil

Finely cut the ginger,green chillies.

Mix that with the batter adding curry leaves.

Heat the non-stick tawa or dosa tawa and pour the batter in the center and make thick round.

Pour little oil if you want.

Turn it on the other side.

Serve it hot with Chutney or Sambar.

I made Utthappam with different toppings with my leftover Dosa batter as usual.

Utthappam withCheese toppings and Carrot toppings.

Utthappam topped with Idli chilli powder,as it is known as Idli milagai podi in tamil.

Utthappam topped with Tomato.

This week's letter is 'U' in the food event A to Z Indian Vegetables. I picked the vegetable Urulaikilangu (for Potato in Tamil).

In TamilNadu,"Urulaikilangu Masal" for 'Puri' is popular. We get it as breakfast menu in almost all restaurants. I used to make Urulaikilangu masal and puri for my son. Its a favourite receipe for him.

How about combining Urulaikilangu masal with Utthappam? What a great Idea!!! a new receipe!!!

I want my receipe to be colourful.Let me know my test first.

For Topping

  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Big Onion
  • Red onions
  • Peas
  • Urulaikilangu masal
  • Idli milagai podi

I made it like what I did before to make utthappam withlittle variation.Simmer the stove while topping.I covered with a lid instead of flipping it.So it came out like this.

I know this is unusual with Utthapppam. Usually it goes with Dosai as Masal Dosai.

Hmm??? now, I want to name my new making. Want to join naming my dish?Guessed!! May be as 'Vegetable Utthappam'. But a week to go for letter V.

Perhaps as 'Rainbow Utthappam', b'coz it has so many colours as rainbow.

It looks so colourful,but its difficult to eat isn't it?Then I made a plain Utthappam and put it on the above.

And gave a name as 'Utthappam sandwich'.

Still I want my receipe name and vegetable name starting with the same letter .Finally I decided entering this week for Nupur's A-Z Indian vegetables as 'Urulaikilangu Utthappam'. What you fellow bloggers think about it?


Add or omit vegetables according to your taste. Even finely cut capsicum can also be added.

Note:This Idli podi is given by my mom when i came here to germany.I will update my podi receipe shortly.