Vazhaikai Vadai(Plantain Vada/Vadai)

As I know ,Plantain tree(Vazhai Maram in Tamil) itself is having medicinal properties.Every part of it from stem to fruit Banana we uses for cooking.
First one,Stem is used as curry or for sambar after removing the fibrous part.It is good for stomach troubles.Stem core juice is good for diabetics and very good for dissolving stones in kidney and urinary bladder.

Next,Leaves are used for serving food as plates,especially on special occasions.Really I love to have food in plantain leaves whenever I visit my native place.
The other nice thing is plantain flower or inflorescence is also used in cooking as curry.It is good for purification of urinary baldder and removal of urinary block.

Plantain tree yields a nice fruit Banana,its nice for good digestion,purification of blood and developing immunity is used to give even for babies from 4th month.

Before Banana comes Plantain/raw banana/Kachakela(marathi)/Vazhaikai(Tamil) a starchy vegetable.

A to Z Indian Vegetable is going on in Nupur's Onehotstove.This week's victory letter is V.Suddenly striked out known vegetables are Vendaikai(Okra in Tamil),Vengayam(Onion in Tamil),Vangi(Brinjal in Marathi),Vellarikkai(Cucumber)...But my contribution to her is Vazhaikai(its a tamil name for Plantain).

Back to my Receipe,using Vazhaikai used to do podimas,poriyal,kootu.But as I said in earlier post need my receipes too start with same letter.I chose Vadai.Popular Vadai Receipe is Medhu Vada,Thayir vadai/Dahi Vada,...I came up with a Vadai using Vazhaikai for the first time I tried and it came out well.
  • Vazhaikai/plantain/raw banana-2
  • Whole green gram-1/2 cup
  • Green chillies-5
  • Ginger- 1"inch piece
  • Corriander leaves -a little
  • Finely cut onion-1
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying


Soak whole green gram in water for an hour.

Peel it off the skin and cook the plantain.

Cut green chillies and ginger ,grind it with soaked gram adding salt as needed.

Mash the plantain and mix it up the ground mixture,onion and corriander leaves.

Heat a kadai with oil for frying ,pat the batter as you do it for masal vadai.

Fry it till brown and take it into a tissue paper for obsorbing excess oil.

Serve it hot plainly or with some chutney.

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Nupur said...

Delicious! I love the informative introduction. Thanks so much!