Utthappam is a south Indian pancake made with rice and lentils. Usually, when we have leftover Idli or Dosa batter, it will be used for making Utthappam. Sometimes with some toppings on it.
Ingredients for Utthappam(plain)
  • Dosai batter 1/2 cup
  • Ginger-1 small piece
  • Greenchillies -2 or 3
  • Curry leaves -1 stick
  • Oil

Finely cut the ginger,green chillies.

Mix that with the batter adding curry leaves.

Heat the non-stick tawa or dosa tawa and pour the batter in the center and make thick round.

Pour little oil if you want.

Turn it on the other side.

Serve it hot with Chutney or Sambar.

I made Utthappam with different toppings with my leftover Dosa batter as usual.

Utthappam withCheese toppings and Carrot toppings.

Utthappam topped with Idli chilli powder,as it is known as Idli milagai podi in tamil.

Utthappam topped with Tomato.

This week's letter is 'U' in the food event A to Z Indian Vegetables. I picked the vegetable Urulaikilangu (for Potato in Tamil).

In TamilNadu,"Urulaikilangu Masal" for 'Puri' is popular. We get it as breakfast menu in almost all restaurants. I used to make Urulaikilangu masal and puri for my son. Its a favourite receipe for him.

How about combining Urulaikilangu masal with Utthappam? What a great Idea!!! a new receipe!!!

I want my receipe to be colourful.Let me know my test first.

For Topping

  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Big Onion
  • Red onions
  • Peas
  • Urulaikilangu masal
  • Idli milagai podi

I made it like what I did before to make utthappam withlittle variation.Simmer the stove while topping.I covered with a lid instead of flipping it.So it came out like this.

I know this is unusual with Utthapppam. Usually it goes with Dosai as Masal Dosai.

Hmm??? now, I want to name my new making. Want to join naming my dish?Guessed!! May be as 'Vegetable Utthappam'. But a week to go for letter V.

Perhaps as 'Rainbow Utthappam', b'coz it has so many colours as rainbow.

It looks so colourful,but its difficult to eat isn't it?Then I made a plain Utthappam and put it on the above.

And gave a name as 'Utthappam sandwich'.

Still I want my receipe name and vegetable name starting with the same letter .Finally I decided entering this week for Nupur's A-Z Indian vegetables as 'Urulaikilangu Utthappam'. What you fellow bloggers think about it?


Add or omit vegetables according to your taste. Even finely cut capsicum can also be added.

Note:This Idli podi is given by my mom when i came here to germany.I will update my podi receipe shortly.