Y for Yellow Corn chivda for savoury. This was my must try list when I saw Nupur's boxfull of chivda. Really it was my back of my head whenever I have cornflakes with milk. Finally I made it on my hubby's birthday with my family's touch chivda. Same think whatever the cooker's chiva with extra 1/4 cup roasted gram and 5 finely cut green chillies and a redchilli.

How can I leave with a savoury alone for his birthday that too it falls on weekends? Defenitely with a most favourite sweet I never made it on my own .

Yummy .....yellow Yalebies(Jalebies). My first trial grand sweet jalebi for my hubby's birthday . When I saw coffee's jalebi for MBP. Its my favourite sweet ever.I can have without count when it was made in my parent's home.Last year ,my parents made it,when they visited here. But I never tried, I thought it was tough and tricky too. But Asha gave a hope in her foodie's hope as a easy version. I took the proportion as she said and added handful of gram flour and a bit rice flour. It came out well and he was so excited and for the rest of the jalebis he helped me and my son took his part and finish it off . He had only jalebis ,as I do :)

This is my contribution for Y as yellow corn veggie to her A to Z Indian vegetable.Nupur ,I will come up with my own receipe next week.
Oats Adai(Multi Grain Pancake)

Just few years back I came to know that oats is a healthy grain that to for weight watchers its a friendly one.As I know oats its not an origin of India.Usual way of having oats with milk or with joghurt.Sometimes for a spicy touch I will have as Oats upma we do for light poha.

I noticed Madhuli is hosting WBB for the month of july as a theme of having healthy oats.

I made Adai(South Indian Pancake) with Oats and served with the best combination Mixed Vegetable Gravy with a coconut oil touch Aviayal.As it has so many varities in many houses .So its variation is endless.It is thicker than dosa.More nutrients can be obtained from a dish.It will fill the stomach with 2 or 3.
  • Parboiled rice -1/2 cup
  • Urid dhal -1/4 cup
  • Bengal gram dhal-1/2 cup
  • Thuvar dhal -1/2 cup
  • Oatflakes-1 cup
  • Asafoetida-as per taste
  • Red chillies -4 to 5
  • Salt
  • Curry leaves -1 stick


Soak all the dhal for 2 hours with red chillies.Oatflakes are separetely soaked.

I had a doubt will it be dissolved if I soaked it along.

Grind it coarsely.Add salt,curry leaves,asafoetida.

Heat a dosa tawa and spread little batter into thicker and small sized than ordinary dosa.

Pour little oil on sides if needed.Flip it both sides. Serve it with aviyal.

This is for WBB#13 Oats being hosted by Madhuli in her foodcourt.
Funny way of eating Watermelon
When Bee and Jai announced Watermelon as AFAM for this month.I bought the greeny giant fruit that contains above 92% water.Its a healthy fruit especially in summer.
My son is a toddler started his expression in words three months back. He is at the stage to speak out as a jumbled letter word sometimes form sentence with jumbled words. Mother be the first to understand however they express.

This is the right age they learn much about colours and shapes. Jugalbandi's AFAM turned to be a kid learning foodie event atleast for me.

Usual and easiest way while cutting watermelon will be triangular or a cresent shape.

But when I gave the first piece to my kid, I said 'Have a triangle'. He had it immediately. Next he suddenly asked , 'No Triangle , Give a Square'. I was amazed at him.

Take a Look!!!!!!!!!!

We had all shapes and what to do with rest bits of the waterlemon .This is the easiestway my son can pronounce it.:)Now afer eating much waterlemon in this month.He get practised to say watermelon .The credit goes to bee and jai made my son learnt while he ate.Thanks!!

As its AFAM rule I thought of publishing one way .But i thought later and published other way I had it .As its a big one in size,it made me to do many in a single fruit.

Back to hand,I made a juice out of the leftover pieces.

Watermelon Juice

  • Watermelon
  • Lemon -1
  • Sugar for taste( as you needed)
  • Ginger juice -1/2 tsp

Blend the watermelon pieces in a blender.Mix the other ingredients.Serve it chill.

I tried the other way too.

Watermelon Panha

New way to drink watermelon as watermelon panha I replaced sugar by jaggery and add cardamom powder and dried ginger powder a pinch and blend it and squeezed lemon.It also tastes great and quenched the thirst.

I don't even waste the white part 'watermelon rind' made a nice sweet Watermelon Wadi.
Idli milagai podi

I want to share my receipe for MBP-Preserves hosted by Coffee.My mom's Idli milagai podi was finished three weeks before.

So I want to make on my own.As per her basic rule I searched in google search engine,I saw many receipes but I want similar to my ajji's easy and simpler version of Idli podi.I got one from srivalli's in her cooking4allseason.Thanks for her I am glad after seeing 5 to 6 pages in google the similar version of my mom.

I took same ingredients only thing in proportion I took more Urid dhal as my mom do.


  • Urid dhal -100 gms

  • Channa dhal/bengal gram dhal-50 gms

  • Asafoetida

  • Red chillies dried -8 to 10

  • Salt to taste

Heat a tsp of oil in a kadai roast all the ingredients .Let it be cool and grind it coarsely and kept in a dry container.

Serve this with Idli,dosa,utthappam etc..It can be used for podi dosa,podi utthappam and here is podi idli below .It was my schooling tiffen box menu for many days .My box will be empty before my Lunch time bell rings:)

Some other powder varities fit to her theme in my blog are

Chutney pood - Garlic or Coconut chuntney powder lasts for many days.

Metkoot - Spicy powder served for rice lasts for many months.

Limbacha Loncha -Lemon Pickle

This month Coffee has announced a nice and apt theme sets for summer season in her foodie event MBP-Preserves.Almost in all Indian houses women makes some sundried wafers,pickles,powder varities,for that we need the Hottest Sun God's grace for making such things.

Another important roler is hardware kept to preserve things.Still in my mom's and in laws place they are using Jaadi in Tamil(its a urn or more precisely Indian pickle Jar) which preserves items for many years.

Nowadays bottle jars are replaced for preserving..In preservative things acid content will be more it has the power to erode the vessels...I think I am taking you people to two decades back atleast for me its a nice flashback..

Ok enough for my blabbering....the point is I tried Manisha's no oil pickle.She explained her step by step lemon pickle in her blog Indian food Rocks.I think really her pickle rocks:)Thanks for sharing your receipe.

This is my first pickle making on my own in sun warmth ..Really I missed my mom's and kaku's pickle:(

I followed as she said here.

Now my pickle is ready after two weeks in my Balcony.In the middle, weather was bad in germany I was much worried about my pickle.But it came out really well .

I can't wait showing.Its mouth watering.isn't it?I am going to have it right now.

Visit Some other Preserves in my blog are
Kutachi mirchi -Green chilli pickle that also can be catagorized in 'no oil pickle'.
Methamba - Mango chutney.It will lasts for many days when refrigerated.

Watermelon Wadi(Watermelon Fudge)
After two weeks break for me and also for Nupur's A to Z Indian vegetabes hmmm... what to cook? Vegetable starts with "W".........Perhaps watana/peas, but my son doesn't like peas, and I want to do something sweet this time ....

I started thinking some other receipe, hmm I got it Wadi/burfi/fudge. Its my favourite too ...When I was in hostel, long back my mom do Carrot wadi/ or Coconut wadi for will last for a week. She will give a boxfull of wadi mostly I prefer Carrot Wadi .

Unfortunately, I don't have both carrot or coconut right now..I got an idea with Watermelon.. How about watermelon? acc to my rule it matches too:) Finally we (me and my kid) had the red part plainly,and with the rind I made wadi...My kid liked it very much...

  • Watermelon Rind -1 cup (grinded)
  • Sugar-2 tblsps
  • Ghee-2 tblsps
  • Cornflour-1 tblpn


Peel off the green skin and take the white part/thick part and cut into pieces and grind in a mixie jar.I strained the excess water and get the paste for one cup...

Heat a thick kadai add ghee,grinded rind,sugar,and mix it for some time then add flour just to stick and again mix it for some time or like halwa after it cooks it leaves the ghee .then turn off the stove.

Now its time to serve.I am too lazy to set as pieces may be some other time.Its so tempting us to taste. Normally kids doesn't like sticky thing on their hand. I take a spoon of wadi and set it in the muffin cup and had it..

Decorate with a cashew.It really tastes well I swear.

I share this new sweet receipe to Nupur's Onehotstove.