Toddler's Tricolour flag
As I said earlier,my kid is a toddler,fun playing with him teaching something,sometimes it happens vice versa.August 15th is our independence day, in SUN tv they broadcasted the National Anthem sung by the great Singers and played instruments and showed our national flag every half an hour.He liked that and he asked me to listen the anthem and see the flag everytime.

By seeing the flag on TV, he made a flag with his little fingers and of course I helped him making asokha chakra blue wheel with 24 spokes.

Click here to see about the Indian National Symbols.

We had a tricolour chutney with a staple dish Idli in South india.Many of the south Indian families starts their day with these dishes as a breakfast or as supper in evening or as a tiffen box for afternoon(I carried most of the day when I was doing schooling)

Parboiled Rice -3 cups
Raw Rice -1 cup
Urid dhal -1 cup
Fenugreek seed -1/4 tsp
Soak both Rice and dhal 6 to 8 hours.
Then grind it pouring water little by little for around 40 minutes in the grinder and finally add salt and keep it for ferment.
I used microwave Idli mould, apply oil on it ,pour batter and keep it in microwave for 8 minutes.Idly is ready.Tricolour chutney will be updated soon.This is my entry for JFI-Rice hosted by Sharmi in her blog Neivedhyam.


Nupur said...

The tricolor chutneys look very tasty! very neat way to celebrate the day!

Asha said...

Hope you save that art made by your kid! I have photos of both my kids' first art!:))
Tri color chutney is yum:)

TBC said...

Tricolor chutney is such a nice way to celebrate I-day!

Poonam said...

Nice tri-color chutney!

bee said...

do post the recipes for the chutneys if you can, gayatri.

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

Thanks Nupur,tbc and poonam...

Asha,Thats nice!!!It will be a happy moment when we see back the arts or photos.isn't it?

Sure bee,I will definetely post the receipes soon.
btw,my kid likes ur photos he is asking me to show it in a big size:)
My verdict abt ur pic:Every one will be looks like the pic when we pronounce your name:)hihihi just kidding.