A simple way to surprise kids if they are diary lover  Bhappa Doi  it's a good choice to bring smile on their face .Just you need these

Milk 1 cup
Curd 1 cup (whisked )
Milkmaid 400gms
Badam and Pista deskinned  finely chopped
Vanilla essence (optional)

Materials needed
Pressure cooker or steamer
One matki or box
Whisker or laddle

Take a bowl whisk all together except nuts and raisins.

Take water in cooker or steamer keep a vessel or plate keep it on stove in simmer mode .Meanwhile pour this  in a box with lid or lassi matki  and garnish with nuts , raisin and close it with aluminium foil ,so that water will not go inside. Steam it for 20-25 mins  and take it out,let it come to room temperature.Then transfer it to refrigerator for cooling another 20 - 30 mins before serving.

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