When Bee and Jai announced Watermelon as AFAM for this month.I bought the greeny giant fruit that contains above 92% water.Its a healthy fruit especially in summer.
My son is a toddler started his expression in words three months back. He is at the stage to speak out as a jumbled letter word sometimes form sentence with jumbled words. Mother be the first to understand however they express.

This is the right age they learn much about colours and shapes. Jugalbandi's AFAM turned to be a kid learning foodie event atleast for me.

Usual and easiest way while cutting watermelon will be triangular or a cresent shape.

But when I gave the first piece to my kid, I said 'Have a triangle'. He had it immediately. Next he suddenly asked , 'No Triangle , Give a Square'. I was amazed at him.

Take a Look!!!!!!!!!!

We had all shapes and what to do with rest bits of the waterlemon .This is the easiestway my son can pronounce it.:)Now afer eating much waterlemon in this month.He get practised to say watermelon .The credit goes to bee and jai made my son learnt while he ate.Thanks!!

As its AFAM rule I thought of publishing one way .But i thought later and published other way I had it .As its a big one in size,it made me to do many in a single fruit.

Back to hand,I made a juice out of the leftover pieces.

Watermelon Juice

  • Watermelon
  • Lemon -1
  • Sugar for taste( as you needed)
  • Ginger juice -1/2 tsp

Blend the watermelon pieces in a blender.Mix the other ingredients.Serve it chill.

I tried the other way too.

Watermelon Panha

New way to drink watermelon as watermelon panha I replaced sugar by jaggery and add cardamom powder and dried ginger powder a pinch and blend it and squeezed lemon.It also tastes great and quenched the thirst.

I don't even waste the white part 'watermelon rind' made a nice sweet Watermelon Wadi.