This month Coffee has announced a nice and apt theme sets for summer season in her foodie event MBP-Preserves.Almost in all Indian houses women makes some sundried wafers,pickles,powder varities,for that we need the Hottest Sun God's grace for making such things.

Another important roler is hardware kept to preserve things.Still in my mom's and in laws place they are using Jaadi in Tamil(its a urn or more precisely Indian pickle Jar) which preserves items for many years.

Nowadays bottle jars are replaced for preserving..In preservative things acid content will be more it has the power to erode the vessels...I think I am taking you people to two decades back atleast for me its a nice flashback..

Ok enough for my blabbering....the point is I tried Manisha's no oil pickle.She explained her step by step lemon pickle in her blog Indian food Rocks.I think really her pickle rocks:)Thanks for sharing your receipe.

This is my first pickle making on my own in sun warmth ..Really I missed my mom's and kaku's pickle:(