Y for Yellow Corn chivda for savoury. This was my must try list when I saw Nupur's boxfull of chivda. Really it was my back of my head whenever I have cornflakes with milk. Finally I made it on my hubby's birthday with my family's touch chivda. Same think whatever the cooker's chiva with extra 1/4 cup roasted gram and 5 finely cut green chillies and a redchilli.

How can I leave with a savoury alone for his birthday that too it falls on weekends? Defenitely with a most favourite sweet I never made it on my own .

Yummy .....yellow Yalebies(Jalebies). My first trial grand sweet jalebi for my hubby's birthday . When I saw coffee's jalebi for MBP. Its my favourite sweet ever.I can have without count when it was made in my parent's home.Last year ,my parents made it,when they visited here. But I never tried, I thought it was tough and tricky too. But Asha gave a hope in her foodie's hope as a easy version. I took the proportion as she said and added handful of gram flour and a bit rice flour. It came out well and he was so excited and for the rest of the jalebis he helped me and my son took his part and finish it off . He had only jalebis ,as I do :)

This is my contribution for Y as yellow corn veggie to her A to Z Indian vegetable.Nupur ,I will come up with my own receipe next week.


Asha said...

Hello GV!! I just got a chance to know about you thru' Nupur's blog and what a surprise for me!! My Jalebis!!Hahaha!! Hey,glad you liked it,who doesn't ,right? Great idea to to add Besan and rice flour,makes it crunchy:)
Enjoy and say hi to me at FH now and then.Nice to meet you.Have fun weekend:)

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

hmm.Its my favourite.You gave a confident of making me.Thanks asha.My hubby and my kid enjoyed a lot.

bee said...

they look perfect. it's years since i have eaten jalebis. nice to see others eating them. :-D

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

Thanks bee for droping comments.It gives inspiration for me to do post some nice one.

Arts said...

Lovely Jalebis.. look perrfectly golden brown the way we get in Indian sweet marts.. thanks for sharing.. u gav eme some encouragement to try these at home :D

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

Yes Arts,luckily for the first time it came out well.Give a try.