Poha Series!!!
Poha is a marathi word for Rice flakes, in Tamil as Aval and in Kannada as Avalakki. I like poha very much in any form. Its a convenience food made from rice pressed as flakes.It is used in Indian cuisine .Though its used in several part of India ,its believed that originated in Maharastra and the consumption is higher than other states.We can have Poha as breakfast/supper/mini meals.In Maharastra It is given as a warm welcome snacks with sweet or with hot Chai(Tee).My mom used to do variety item in poha.I share my poha series through RCI-june by Nupur.

Here are Receipes of Poha with Vegetables.

Some simple savoury dishes are

Some sweet receipes are

Poha is also used for making a crispy evening snack with churmure(puffed rice)call it as Chivda ,is one among the Diwali dishes in my Parents House and also in Maharastrian houses.


Nupur said...

What a wonderful collection of poha recipes! I want to try all of them!

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

Hai Nupur,
Poha series are to be continued....I will publish it soon.Try those poha varities too...