All we know that ,summer we can enjoy having mango as many as by making variety items.Maharastra is well known for Happus(Alphonsa) mango in Rathnagiri side.I remebered my Atthya(for aunt in marathi)brings ambapoli/amboli whenever she visited my/her's native place.I love that amboli:)In my house every summer we will have amras and poli.Without amras summer wouldn't be nice.Here is my another participation for Nupur's RCI-Maharastrian cuisine.

Left side is Zunka or as I called as gatta Pithla(dry pithla) its a best combination for bhakri.I never tried bhakri yet.So I like to have with Poli (a layered round chapathy)and the main sweet that I will have more and more is Amras.(A mango pulp with fresh grounded pepper or with ghee).