Maharastrian Mid-day Meal
This is typical Maharastrian mid-day meal for a feast.In every state, I think there is a way to serve food, not on all days ,atleast on occasions.In Maharastra,used to put a Rangoli(its a colourful design that uses white powder and colours), around the paan or plate.

Nupur's One hot stove banner itself shows Typical Maharastrian way of serving items in a paan(baniyan leaves).My Ayi's(mom)house is basically a joint family.Before marriage, I remembered they (kakku and my Ayi) used to cook.My Ayi says that "paat,paani,thaat,ani vaati gala".Me, sister and my cousins do that job arranging a wooden seat or a mat to sit,water ,plate,and bowl before the mat.

I invited one of my friends family for a mid-day meal feast.I like to share for Nupur's RCI-Maharatrian cuisine.

Here comes the served plate.
  1. Salt
  2. Nimbu-lime piece
  3. Chutney pood-dry chutney powder made with dry coconut and garlic.
  4. Kamang kakdi -Cucumber salad with peanut powder .
  5. Bhatatyachi bhaaji-Potato curry with onion as a side dish.
  6. Kothimbir vadi-corriander/cilantro and chickpea flour steamed with other spices as a side dish.
  7. Puri -Main dish
  8. Bhath-cooked rice as main dish
  9. Varan -Dhal with simla mirchi(capsicum/bell pepper)as a accompaniments for rice.
  10. Thoop-Ghee/clarified butter,on top of varan gives additional taste for dhal.
  11. Shrikhand-Yoghurt with rich flavours as a sweet having with puri or plainly.

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Nupur said...

Wow, I must say that the friends who got to taste this meal are truly lucky! What a delicious spread, thanks for sharing this with us, Gayatri!