In south India commonly known as Noolkol, in Germany its called as Kohlrabi. This Turnip cabbage is a member of Cabbage family; rich in vitamin C and Fiber. It can be eaten as raw or cooked or stirfried. My Baba (for Dad in Marathi) always used to tell "have more greens in your food". Last year summer, he visited Germany to my place. He loves to eat greens in any form. I got Raddish with leaves. Normally I used to throw that, he gave me an idea to make some receipe. Thoughtful of his words, this summer, I tried this Thuvayal (for coarse grinded chutney in Tamil).This is my amma's(mom's)receipe for Thengai(for coconut in tamil)Thuvayal.I avoided Thengai and tried this receipes.